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If you are in Vietnam, you must have heard about the new messaging tiện ích known as Zalo App. Well, in this article, we are going lớn shed some light on this amazing app và what it has in store for people who love chat applications.

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If you are thinking of downloading và installing this app on your computer, then you should stick around & know what you need to get the app running on your PC.

What is the Zalo App?

Zalo ứng dụng is currently the most used chat app in Vietnam. The app allows you to send messages, do video calls with your friends và also send files such as photos, videos, & others. The phầm mềm has present for all mobile phone users including iOS, Android và Windows phones but a PC version is unavailable. If you need khổng lồ use the ứng dụng on your computer then read on lớn learn how you can do it.

Zalo tiện ích Features

This app is full of features that make it very popular despite being a latecomer. The fact that it is a latecomer might have been a great challenge, but the developer was wise enough lớn include some features that would exceed the features of the already established platforms.

Below are some of these features that Zalo tiện ích users get to lớn enjoy.

Privacy – personal text messages should not be made available to anyone but the user of the app only. Some of the messaging platforms have greatly failed in providing safety, but the Zalo phầm mềm ensures that your information is private while using the Zalo App.Cheerful emoticons & stickers – you will be given the ability lớn use emoticons khổng lồ express your feelings or your message.Find new friends – unlike some of the popular messaging apps, Zalo tiện ích lets you meet new friends lớn chat with.

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Voice messages – voice messages are also an exciting feature in this app và using it khổng lồ send messages can also be interesting. The messages that you send will be very clear without outside noises.Send messages in groups – with the Zalo app you can send messages in groups with much ease. Also, you can send files, voice messages & other forms of messages.Fast notifications – once you get a message on your Zalo tiện ích the tiện ích will notify you immediately. Within a snap, you can click on the notification, và you will see và reply to lớn the message.

Those are some of the best features that the Zalo ứng dụng offers its users. Below are some of the steps you can use to download the phầm mềm on your PC.

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How to download and install the Zalo tiện ích on your PC

You might need khổng lồ use the phầm mềm on your PC, but you cannot tải về the tiện ích directly on your PC, you will need khổng lồ use an emulator.


Open the emulator log in to lớn your Gmail tài khoản access Google Playstore.Open the Google Play store & type in Zalo App.Click on the Zalo tiện ích icon that shows up to download the app.Once the phầm mềm is downloaded, you can now use the Zalo phầm mềm on your PC.

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