Wrath Of The Titans: Lily James' Korrina Death Explained Lily James had an early role in 2012 sequel Wrath Of The Titans, & here"s how her character Korrina meets her demise in the movie.

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Here"s how Lily James" character Korrina meets her demise in blockbuster sequel Wrath Of The Titans. Following the groundbreaking success of Avatar in 2009, there was an industry wide push to lớn cement 3 chiều as the next big thing. One of the first blockbusters to lớn follow James Cameron"s movie was 2010"s Clash Of The Titans, a remake of the 1981 cult favorite and fronted by Avatar leading man Sam Worthington. Clash received mixed review for its myriad of problems, but it was particularly slated for its horrible post-conversion approach to lớn its 3D, which made it unpleasant to lớn watch.

While the movie was a notable hit upon release, its horrid 3 chiều has become part of its legacy. A Clash Of The Titans 2 was somewhat inevitable và Warner Bros. Rushed khổng lồ get it made, despite director Louis Leterrier và co-star Gemma Arterton swiftly jumping ship. Wrath Of The Titans picks up a decade on from the last movie, with the widowed Perseus (Worthington) forced to go on another quest khổng lồ save his father Zeus (Liam Neeson) and stop the evil plans of his brother Ares (Édgar Ramírez).

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Wrath Of Titans cast Lily James as Korrina, a young warrior in the tiệc ngọt of Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike). While James is well known now for the likes of Downton Abbey and Baby Driver, Wrath was her first movie role. She"s not given much to bởi in the narrative, however, and is ultimately cannon fodder as Perseus & Andromeda seek out the Labyrinth. She essentially causes her own demise too, as she prays lớn Ares for mercy before the group enters the Labyrinth, causing him lớn show up and kill several of the party.

Despite pleading for mercy with Ares, Korrina is quickly slain by the God of War too. Wrath Of The Titans would receive largely bad nhận xét with many critics feeling it was a cash grab follow-up, & it was once again converted to 3d during post-production. There were plans for a whole Clash Of The Titans film series after the success of the original, but Wrath"s lukewarm box-office returns meant the third entry - dubbed Revenge Of The Titans - was quickly cancelled by the studio.

It"s doubtful most audiences will even remember Wrath Of The Titans was Lily James" film debut, though within a few years her career was launched thanks lớn Cinderella & Downton Abbey. As for Clash Of The Titans, there doesn"t currently seem to be any plans to lớn revive the franchise, which has been dormant since 2012.