Park Bo Gum, who was born in 1993, made his late debut.

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He only appeared in the first movie in 2011. The heart-warming boy + silly son in "China Town", the only highlight of the wh


, both born in 1993, Park Bo Gum debuted late, & only appeared in the first movie in 2011. The heart-warming boy + infatuated son in "China Town", the only highlight of "Remember You", the dễ thương little brother, "The Moonlight Painted by Clouds" The black-bellied son was unexpectedly cute, until the "Please Answer 1988" broke out, directly sending Park Bo Gum khổng lồ the đứng đầu of popularity. In "Boyfriend" with song Hye Kyo"s partner, Marie Su"s plot and Park Bo Gum"s advertisement seem lớn be really bad acting skills


Although Lee Hyun Woo is only 26 years old now, she has been in debut for 14 years. In 2005, Li Xuanyu, who was only 12 years old, made her debut in the children"s drama film "The Confused Family", showing her extraordinary acting talent at a young age. The following year, he played the leading role for the first time in the KBS children"s drama "Hwarang Warrior MARU". He became well-known through the TV series "The God of Learning" in 2010. In 2012, he appeared in the TV series "To the Beautiful You" & won the 2012 SBS Acting Awards Rising Star Award. In 2013, he participated in the movie "The Great Hidden", breaking 11 box office records in South Korea, and was nominated for the New Actor Award at the Korean xanh Dragon Film Awards.

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The similarity between Lee Hyun Woo and Park Bo Gum became a topic. White skin, dễ thương puppy-like facial features and impeccable face shape, plus the two were both born in 1993, lượt thích twins. Because of the similarity, if one person’s name is searched on the Internet, another person’s name will follow & become an associated search. But although the two are so similar, their fate is completely different. Online comments support Park Bo Gum one-sidedly, & his height advantage is wider than that of Li Hyun Woo. I still support Li Hyun Woo. He has good acting skills và no hype. He has been improving his business ability. What he lacks is only a popular Korean drama.