One Piece Tập 1005

The lademo chapter 'One Piece 1005'is scheduled to release soon. Read on to findout when the chapter comes out & if there are any 'One Piece 1005'spoilers



A couple of monthsago,One Pieceachieved the historic landmark of reaching a total of 1000 manga chapters.This is a huge monumental feat in the world of anime và manga. One Piece is hugely popular all over the world. The lachạy thử chapter One Piece 1005is scheduled to release soon. Read on lớn findout when the chapter comes out và if there are any One Piece 1005spoilers.

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One Piece 1005 release date

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At the time of writing this article, the One Piece 1005is phối to lớn release (as reported by Shonen Jump)onFebruary 28, 2021. It's expected that the chapter will be released at midnight according to lớn the JST (Japan time). If the release comes out on time, the English translation will be available at the following times:

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, February 28thCentral Time: 11 AM on Sunday, February 28thEastern Time: Noon on Sunday, February 28thBritish Time: 5 PM on Sunday, February 28th

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One Piece 1005 spoilers

As of now, no One Piece 1005 spoilers are out yet since the raw scans of the manga haven't been released yet. However, there have sầu been discussions on Reddit & anime forums on what might happen in the next episode.We have listed the rumoured spoilers from social truyền thông forums & discussions down below. You can stop reading here if you don't want the story lớn get the story spoiled. As always take these spoilers with a grain of salt as they are not verified và support the author by buying original copies.

The mysterious personin the shadow will be Kumorasaki/Hiyorie and she is trying khổng lồ heal everyone.

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Black Maria will start her intense fight with Niteo Robin and BrookMaybe Sanji will be mix không tính phí khổng lồ go fight King

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About One Piece

One Piece is one of the longest-running manga & anime adaptations of all time. The manga has been running continuously without any significant breaks since 1997, over trăng tròn years. Similarly, the anime, originally released in 1999 has been running for đôi mươi years straight & is still ongoing.The story follows pirate Monkey D. Luffy as he goes on the tìm kiếm for the greachạy thử treasure ever with his trusted crew. Along the way, they encounter countless adventures, daunting villains and awesome places. Stay tuned for more updates on One Piece.

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