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Check out the Google Drive w/all of the Flash Belts

When will ___ be added? Once the sounds are ripped và I have sầu time.

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1.1: Prism Bicker added. Both Xtreme và the Prism memory can sumtháng it. Only Prism can be put in the sword but then you can put whatever memories you want in the shield slots.

Might add the ability to lớn phối weapons with it later lượt thích the games did with CycloneAccelXtreme.

You can watch this update here.

Xem thêm: Xem Bi Thương Ngược Dòng Thành Sông (Bản Điện Ảnh), Bi Thương Ngược Dòng Thành Sông

--Features lớn Come--

Possibly Eternal EdgeShippu/Kirifuda if proper clean sound rips are done

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Will there be more GAIA Memories? I"d love sầu lớn see the Bomb Memory and the ShroudMagnum, also hope the colors comeback soon! Also the Heat Memory sound just cuts off near the over...


nice work!one small thing, could you make Trial Memory"s green light be xanh like in the show? nhật bản goes on the blue signal instead of green.


I love it! But are you ever planning lớn add Dopant memories or at least the rest of the T2 ones?


when i henshin the chest of w is just Trắng và I don"t know what khổng lồ bởi vì about it


holy shit there"s zero-one fang and joker in here, how did I not noticed that until now. btw if the color doesn"t show up go to lớn his deviant art find the W flash belt post so you could tải về it, & that should fix itedit: you could also press the button twice to lớn change lớn T2(xanh tip)

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