Battle Pass Dota2

The new winter Battle Pass brings with it a new form of Aghanim’s Labyrinth along with a Drow Ranger Arcana, amongst other goodies.

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Valve had announced earlier this year that this Dota 2 season (between TI10 và TI11), there would be two Battle Passes. The first of those has arrived and it brings back one of the most popular custom games of all time with it – Aghanim’s Labyrinth! Other than that, the new recipient of the latest arcana has been revealed to lớn be Drow Ranger, and Mirana has been awarded with a persona based off her character in Dragon’s Blood. But like every Battles Pass, there’s a lot more lớn it!

The Battle Pass can be bought at three levels:Level 1 bundle - $7.49Level 50 bundle - $26.99Level 100 bundle - $41.99


1) Aghanim’s Labyrinth – The Continuum Conundrum

Last time out, labyrinth goers had khổng lồ fight against Aghanim to claim his admiration. This time around, he already knows how good you are và needs your help!

The trò chơi is available for everyone khổng lồ play (even players without a Battle Pass), but there is a catch. In case you want to unlock new heroes khổng lồ try your luck out at the game, it can be done only through Battle Pass levels (just good old Valve, eh?!). As the days go on, will have a detailed guide on Aghanim’s Labyrinth, and how to lớn help the wizard.

Aghanim the all-powerful returns, bringing an all-new Battle Pass and event mode in tow — & this time he needs your help! Thanks to a mishap with the Continuum Device, Aghanim"s magical prowess is now spread dangerously thin amongst a gang of alter egos that have materialized on our world from elsewhere in the multiverse. Without the ability khổng lồ foray into the Continuum Vault himself lớn fish them out và restore the balance of his power, Aghanim must rely upon four brave heroes lớn rescue his doppelgangers và put this entire Continuum mess to rest.


2) Dread Retribution – Drow Ranger Arcana (Battle Pass cấp độ 333)

Drow Ranger gets an arcana with the new Battle Pass update – Dread Retribution. But lượt thích all Battle Pass arcanas, this will take a heavy hit on your wallet or a lot of playing time, because it is only available if your manage to lớn reach a Battle Pass màn chơi of 333.

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3) Tomo’kan Incarnate – Hoodwink Prestige Bundle (Battle Pass màn chơi 277)

Hoodwink gets her first major vật phẩm after her release last year with a new prestige item. Prestige items can never be gotten again, so if you’re a fan hâm mộ of the little ferret, get your Battle Pass to cấp độ 277.



4) Mirana Persona, Immortals & a Lot More

The Mirana persona can be unlocked at level 135, và every few levels will reward Battle Pass owners with Immortal Treasure I (which means there are more treasures on the way in the future). For Immortal Treasure I, Doom is the lucky recipient of the inverse guitar shaped sword very rare Immortal, which also gives him a rockstar taunt.



5) Dota 2 with a Controller - Experimental Feature

Not in any way a part of the Battle Pass, but a new feature has been introduced khổng lồ the trò chơi along with the Battle Pass update, which is the ability to lớn play the trò chơi with a controller. It is an experimental feature, but one that might gain more traction in the days to come.

As the realities of the Continuum meld in mysterious ways, today"s update also introduces a world in which Dota can optionally be played using a controller instead of the standard mouse+keyboard setup, giving players a new way khổng lồ interface with their favorite fight. From choosing your anh hùng to smashing an Ancient, you can battle your way to victory in Dota by plugging in any PC controller that allows Steam input (including PS/XBOX/Switch Pro Controllers và more) và steering your hero into the fray.


The entire set of stuff the Battle Pass brings with it can be found here, which is also where you can buy the Battle Pass in case you want to lớn buy it outside the game. For now, it is time to lớn find out how Rubick’s father can be aided in the Continuum Conundrum!