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With quality kiến thiết, many "virtual living" views, the 4 homestays below are the favorite stops of young people coming to lớn Da Lat (Lam Dong).

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If you are a hard bạn of the Doraetháng comic book series, you probably will not be able to lớn skip a homestay exactly lượt thích the Nobita character house named Thi Tran NOBI (Nobita Town). A homestay is a complex of houses adjacent khổng lồ each other. Looking from the outside, you will think you are lost in the childhood world with familiar models, walls, doors. Photo: Lenganha_, Hoa Lan.


The highlight here is the familiar wall & 3 cement pipes stacked on green grass. It is also the place for guests to lớn enjoy the outdoor BBQ at night. However, besides those who expressed interest, there are still many mixed opinions that the homestay has not reached the point, the inside of the room is not the same as the original version. Photo: Archdecor.daily, khô giòn.22.

Her Homestay Dalat has a creative sầu kiến thiết with rooms cchiến bại khổng lồ each other, decorated in the image of "so yellow" Minions with many lovely expressive faces. Photo: Her Homestay Dalat.
The space here is spacious, airy, there are many "virtual living" corners for you khổng lồ freely check-in. There are double rooms, families and large groups for you lớn choose from. Not too full of facilities, but this place is an interesting and strange place lớn experience. Photo: Anhvan2016, jjjackyyy_.

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Considered by tourists as "fairy town" in the heart of Dalat, Fairy Town Homestay with chất lượng và novel kiến thiết takes visitors lost in the childhood world. There are 9 different types of rooms, fully equipped. Coming here, you should prepare young and fresh costumes khổng lồ be able khổng lồ take many impressive & fancy photos. Photo: Chiakiindalat, thaovisly, timberlakephan88, vumipuuuu.
Inspired by the famous wine cellars in Dalat, Wine Valley Homestay is an interesting retreat attracting a lot of young people khổng lồ visit. The rooms here are built with wood-like painted concrete outside with about 2-3 floors with different sizes. Photo: Hyn.lynk, zunmix.
Green homestay campus with lots of trees, flowers, makes visitors feel comfortable và pleasant. In addition, with the dominant wood tones, space here also exudes a classic mixed with modernity, full of beautiful check-in corners for you to pose freely. Photo: Xiu__xinc, loankhun.
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