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Nhieu Tac Gia, Composer - Bluesea, Lyricist, Producer, Musicquảng cáo online - Du Thien, Artist, MainArtist

2017 Bluesea 2017 Bluesea

2017 Bluesea 2017 Bluesea

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The Doors, Jim Morrison’s Orchestra

Fifty years ago, on 3 July 1971, Jlặng Morrison died mysteriously in a Parisian bathtub, survived by his three partners: Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger & John Densmore, who had worked tirelessly for six years khổng lồ translate his dreams into lớn music.

The Dark Side of the Moon: An Astronomical Success

Pink Floyd's ground-breaking album The Dark Side of the Moon was the result of a long creative sầu process that began around 1968. A Saucerful of Secrets (the main traông chồng from the eponymous album) was, for Niông chồng Mason at least, where it all began. Their next album Ummagumma (1969) gave sầu each b& thành viên the opportunity to create a solo piece, though they would have sầu lớn combine their talents if they wanted khổng lồ hit the jackpot. Pink Floyd continued to search for the perfect record with Meddle, an album which highlighted their skills in the studio, and Atom Heart Mother, before they reached nirvamãng cầu with The Dark Side of the Moon. And the album’s perfection hasn’t faded one bit.

The Women of Nashville

It's not easy to elbow your way through the mađến Music City scene, the birthplace of country music, when you're a woman. Over the years, some of them have nevertheless managed lớn shift lines & attitudes, like these ten pioneers and revolutionaries who have sầu put – even stamped – their boots on Nashville's table.


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